A lot of people do not even know whether they need to refinish their hardwood floor. Because of this, we would like to help you by discussing some of the major reasons why you should have your floors refinished by the flooring experts: 

You don’t know what wood type to get that will suit your needs 

Determining what kind of floor you now have in your property is not always an easy task, especially if you don’t have additional boards with you. The most typical hardwood floor types are engineered and solid hardwoods, though vinyl/laminate is a great choice as well. It is essential to look out for products that seem like wood but are not actually wood since they need finishing and matching in various ways. To help you with this dilemma, a flooring expert can easily attend to this and make great recommendations for you. 

 You will have to refinish the entire floor for color consistency 

If you have experienced water damage from the scratches and gouges, pet urine, a flower pot, dishwasher, fridge, and so on, your floor will basically require overall refinishing. It is because solid hardwood floors are available as on-site finished or factory finished. The factory finished is simpler to suit replacement boards. Meanwhile, on-site finished one would be more challenging.  

You may not have the proper materials for replacement 

Engineered and traditional hardwood floor repairs could include changing the damaged boards or area with a similar product once you still have it but most of the time you want. The majority of engineered hardwood has a restricted lifetime if the market due to the changing trends in designs. If you don’t have sufficient wood to be used in a repair, then the whole floor will have to be replaced. For this major task, a professional’s assistance would come in handy. 

You cannot refinish laminate flooring 

You cannot refinish laminate flooring, unlike hardwood. It is not nailed or glue to the floor, meaning every board aids its neighbor. Once you have problems with a laminate floorboard, you will have to change your whole floor. This only implies that refinishing can only be done for hardwood. 

Those are only some of the many reasons why you should contact flooring experts to do flooring jobs for you. Contact one now! 

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